EUNIC Senegal - DAK'ART 2014

For the first time EUNIC Senegal is taking part in the OFF Biennale and will hold an exhibition of Gil Madeira’s photographs. The twenty photographs that were taken in the...

Instruments of UNESCO Culture

As part of its breakfast/debates "Culture and Development", the EUNIC group in Senegal is pleased to invite you to a meeting with Guiomar Alonso, Head of Culture for UNESCO...
Culture & Development breakfast

Culture & Development Breakfast

EUNIC Senegal organizes on May 23 a breakfast / debate on "Culture and Development". This event marks the first anniversary of this cycle presented by Senegal EUNIC.
Culture and Creative Economy

Culture and Creative Economy

As part of breakfast / discussion "Culture and Development" EUNIC in Senegal, 21 March 2013, the Austrian Embassy in Dakar invited in March Sylvia Amann, consultant and...
The traffic of antiquities and the looting of the African heritage

The Looting of African Heritage

As part of its breakfast/debates Culture and Development of EUNIC in Senegal, the Swiss embassy in Dakar invited in February M. Eric Huysecom, Professor...
Copyright & Cultural Development

Copyright & Cultural Development

As part of its breakfast / discussions "Culture and Development", the group EUNIC in Senegal is pleased to invite you to a meeting with Sylvain Sankalé, Doctor of Law and...


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